Thursday, March 27, 2008

I want a Horse!

I want a Horse. But my Dad Said ....NO! My Mom on the other Hand .... Is just fine with it as Long as we have the Money. I'm Saving up for one. I At least I have Riding lessens again soon.


John Leschorn said...

When I was your age I wanted a boat! Yup a really nice boat. But my parents had other priorities. I still want a boat and hope to buy one myself someday.

I am happy to see you blogging.


Missy Hoback said...

When I was a little girl I wanted a pony so bad! When my mom got pregnant she got really, really big! One day she said, "Missy, I think we are going to have an elephant!" I am sure my face showed the disappointment that I was feeling when I exclaimed, "Oh no, Mommy! Have a pony instead!" Imagine my suprise when I got a little sister!
I love you girlie!

J.Ch@ney said...

When I was a little boy I wanted lion. I was told that rather than having a lion I should consider becoming a veterinarian. So, settled for rabbits.